"The 3 Secrets to Become a Successful Investor by Compounding Money"

...Even if You don't have prior Stock Market or Finance Experience!

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In this Exclusive live Masterclass, you'll discover the Ultimate Thoughtful Investors Framework, which we have used for clients to create a Strong Multi-Bagger Equity Portfolio which Compound Money over the Years & Provide Financial Freedom to Clients

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What We'll Cover on This Masterclass

In this Powerful 2 Hours Workshop, We will show you a complete Roadmap for Your Successful Investment Journey!!!

Secret #1   

Successful Investor Framework 

Step by Step Framework to become Successful Investor & achieve Financial Freedom by following the Thoughtful Investors Model Process

Secret #2

Proven Compounding Mechanism

Learn How to Compound Your Money Effectively with our Proven Principles of Compounding Money Mechanism

Secret #3

Portfolio Buildup & Review Strategy

Learn How to Build a Strong Equity Portfolio Overtime & its Review Mechanism to Ensure Strong Performance over the Years

About Your Tutor


Chartered Accountant & Stock Market Expert

CA Tapan Doshi has more than 15 Years of Rich Experience in the Stock Market & Capital Market. After becoming a CA, he worked as an Equity research analyst, Portfolio Manager & Financial Analyst in various reputed Organizations. 

He specifically designed the Thoughtful Investors Framework to help Investors achieve their Financial Goals through long-term Investing & Value Investing. Through this Model Hundreds of Clients built a Strong Equity Portfolio which can stand any adversity in Stock Market.

More Highlights From Our Workshp

My step-by-step framework is to create a Significant Passive Income, Which can Cover all Your Current & Future Expenses.
How to use the Compounding Effect in your Investments, which will help you earn enough money to repay all your Debts in Future & become Debt Free.
How to select Multi-Bagger Stocks & with their Profit you can lead to an Early Retirement   
How we help you to achieve Financial Freedom, So you spend more Quality Time with your Family & not in the office. 
A Simple Model which even a Stock Market Beginner & Non-Finance Person can easily Understand & Implement
A Proven Framework which has a More than 70% Success Ratio to Create Wealth from Stock Market 
An Investment Model will allow you to have a Sound Sleep & not worry about volatility in the Stock Market. 
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This ThoughtFul Investors Framework is for all the Individuals who are doing Job, Business, Professionals, Retired Persons and Students. It will help them create a big Pool of Passive Income which will Cover all their Current & Future Expenses. So Join us to create Wealth & have a Stress Free Life.

What do Our Investors Say About this Revolutionary Framework

Kashyab Mehta a Banking Professional from Hong Kong, Earned Rs 20 Lakhs Profit

Amit Suri a Working Professional from Denmark, Earned Rs 5 Lakhs Profit

Rohit Sharma a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, Earned Rs 3 Lakhs Profit

Jimmy Panwala a working Professional from Dubai, Earned Rs 3 Lakhs Profit

Ashok Suri a Scientist from Mumbai is a Life Long Learner at age of 73

Abdullah Ansari a Businessman from Delhi is a Long Term Investors

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Financial Freedom Guide will give a Road Map how to deal with Finance & create a Successful Investment Journey. It will provide a complete insight on how to deal with various asset classes based on your Risk Profile.

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